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For the next 21 days leading up to Genesis Day, Bitcoin Magazine highlights various community-built data-related projects (and presents a few of our own projects!).

Each of these projects is run by a small handful of developers looking to charm, entertain or educate. We’ll be posting all of them to our social channels, as well as having a few more in-depth conversations with the developers working on these projects. Also, we will be updating this article daily with the latest project to go.

At the end of the 21 days, we will have reached the 12th anniversary of the first Bitcoin block being mined. Starting in 2019, Trace Mayer urged Bitcoiners to take their bitcoin into custody with exchanges in order to prove that the exchanges actually hold the bitcoin they say they did. He coined the name “Proof of Keys Day” (also represented as [Jan/3➞₿🔑] on social media). Although Mayer is no longer a highly visible personality, the concept has stayed around as a day to rally around the idea of ​​”not your keys, not your coin.”

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