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Amazon’s forests play a major role in many of the processes that make our planet habitable: water cycles, weather patterns, and oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. The forest is home to over 30 million people and over 10% of the world’s biodiversity. And yet the forests are dying, and human activities are leading to their decline on a large level. If we do not act now, it will be too late. Fortunately, some organizations are aware and are looking at ways to save it.

MOSS is one such environmental platform that has taken to protecting the planet and working on worthy projects. It is one of the largest platforms specializing in purchasing carbon credits from the Amazon forests. By purchasing carbon credits, you will also be supporting the world’s most important asset: Our own planet.

What does MOSS do?

MOSS is the world’s largest environmental platform concerned with buying and selling carbon credits to individuals and companies. It is a fairly innovative initiative considering technology to contribute to the changing scenario of global warming and forest preservation. Through its initiative, it democratizes the sale and purchase of carbon credits to people.

MOSS purchases carbon credits from selected projects to prevent CO2 emissions or capture them from the atmosphere. Interested parties can purchase the carbon credits directly from its digital platform. You can then carry them in a digital wallet for future compensation if you’re not looking at immediate redress.

What are carbon credits?

They are digital certificates issued by various environmental projects and companies. They can be sold to individuals and companies looking to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases. One carbon credit is equal to 1 tonne of Co2 emissions, which means it will represent that amount of CO2 that the company or individual promises to or will not release.

MCO2 tickets

MCO2 Tokens are ERC20 digital assets published on the Ethereum blockchain by MOSS. The tokens are non-negotiable goods under the Common Exchange Act and regulations widely known by the CFTC. In short, they are token carbon credits issued by MOSS. each ticket represents carbon credit ownership, which is checked. They are not designed or sold as securities or any other investment product.

To hold the tickets, consumers must have a digital wallet that supports ERC20 digital assets. They can be transferred freely from the digital wallet to any other Ethereum blockchain digital wallet. When one transfers to a third party, transferring the MCO2 tokens involves transferring the certified carbon credit title to the 3rd party. The ticket has undergone an audit process by leading audit firms such as Perkins Coie, Certik.

The ticket has been well taken up in the industry and has already placed 190 at its market cap positions. Currently, the market cap is $ 40 million, and new record-setting proceeds of $ 10 million were sent to various Amazon Forest Conservation projects in 8 months. If you are environmentally aware, then you should visit MOSS for more details.

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