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  • Spinola Gaming now provides tailor-made games for the Southeast Asian market.
  • The Southeast Asian market has seen exponential growth in the lottery and games industry of late.

Spinola Gaming, the leading lottery software authority publishes details of bespoke Southeast Asia lottery solutions catering to a wide variety of operators, from national lotteries to casino operators, white label clients, and affiliated companies.

What solutions can we provide to clients in the East?

Spinola Gaming has been growing, and with this growth comes new prospects and clients present in the eastern part of the world, specifically Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. Due to this heightened interest from the region, the team has put together a bespoke solution catering to this region, while also having full capabilities to provide access to the full suite of Spinola Gaming products. These include the following:

  • Global Lotteries
  • Bespoke lotteries
  • Living Lotteries
  • Custom Lotteries
  • Virtual Lotteries
  • Instant Lotteries

These products are enabled for government and state operations, lotteries for online casinos and sportsbooks, white label lottery operators, and affiliate marketing companies.

Lotteries currently generate $ 400bn globally, and this is an opportunity for our audiences, as mentioned above in this demographic, to enter this lucrative market. Given our combined experience of over 60 years working in the lottery space, the team has been accumulating data on the southeast Asian region, developing trends with this data, and finding out what lottery players want play. We are in the process of accessing the largest global lotteries that focus on this region on our Connex Lottery Management System, making them fully available to clients worldwide.

Outside of this, we have developed a customizable geo-specific system where clients can build their own lottery game, with its own appropriate jackpot. Although, if clients prefer an out-of-the-box solution, we have this available for clients to use at the click of a button. Clients can choose an abundance of specialized templates catering to specific regions.

Local content is important, which is why all our games are integrated with all the global currencies and languages ​​available for use.

Ade Repcenko, CEO of Spinola Gaming He said “Given the recent global situation, we have seen a huge influx of lottery operators, together with national lotteries digitizing their lottery platform. Given this huge interest in Asia, we have expanded, and adapted our product range for the market, especially in products found in Southeast Asia. The team has studied the region heavily, through field and secondary research to provide the best end-to-end lottery solution to cater for the growing needs in the iGaming field, especially those who n coming from emerging markets. “