Robert Kiyosaki: We will soon see $ 50K for Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki – the famous author of the popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – is again at bitcoin. In a recent interview, he noted that the world’s number one digital currency price by market cap will reach $ 50,000 per unit soon sometime next year.

Kiyosaki Pushes BTC Again And Again

Kiyosaki has always been a big bitcoin and cryptocurrency supporter. In the past, he has pointed out that the digital currency could make gold and real estate investments a thing of the past, and mentioned that the time to buy and participate in the cryptocurrency is now.

This was several months ago, well before the currency reached the $ 20,000 mark it is currently trading at. He said he was quite proud of buying bitcoin before it reached this price, and advised all his followers to do the same in a relevant tweet.

Only this time, bitcoin has reach $ 20,000. In fact, at the time of writing, one unit of bitcoin is trading for over $ 20,700, and with only a few hundred dollars to go before it reaches $ 21K, one has to wonder whether many people were missing out on a serious opportunity to rake in some dough.

If bitcoin reached $ 50,000 as Kiyosaki says it will, the currency would be about ten percent of the total gold cap of the market.

Interestingly, hope is not lost completely – according to the author – to those who failed to engage in the bitcoin craving. Kiyosaki now recommends that individuals, if they do not own bitcoin, buy as much money as they can, given that he is confident that the New Green Deal – presented by New York House socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – possibly moving through in the coming future.

This is an interesting assertion given that both the New Republic and Democrats have received opposition from both Republicans and Democrats in the past. The last time Congress members voted on the Deal, it failed to win a single “yay” vote, suggesting that the plan is nowhere near ready and likely to be despised by all.

Some Weird Contradictions, Here

Either way, Kiyosaki seems to be all over the place in his recent predictions, going so far as to claim a few months ago that the price of bitcoin would fall as soon as the coronavirus pandemic Finishing. He said bitcoin was likely to be considered a hedging tool and a “safe haven” during these times due to the harsh economic circumstances the world has witnessed. So, a lot of fiat currency is falling in value, and bitcoin is a strong alternative.

However, now that the COVID vaccine is ready and is being distributed to individuals in America and the United Kingdom, many are watching with bated breath to see if this doomsday prediction around the digital currency is coming true .

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