Rosetta Grants Program Announced | by Coinbase | Dec, 2020


By Surojit Chatterjee, Chief Product Officer

In June 2020, Coinbase launched Rosetta, an open source specification and set of tools that make integration with blockchains simpler, faster and more reliable. Instead of developing bespoke integrations with each new blockchain, developers can interact with a standard Rosetta interface that is predictable across chains.

There are 25+ blockchain projects working on the Rosetta implementation, five SDKs in progress, a growing community of 500+ developers with multiple contributions being made to Rosetta repositories, and a sample of rosetta-bitcoin and rosetta-ethereum operations.

To encourage further growth in the Rosetta ecosystem we are excited to launch the Rosetta Grants program, and will begin our search for grant recipients today.

In the last six months, we heard from developers how further investment in Rosetta’s tools, testing and documentation could help accelerate blockchain integration for custodians, staking providers, wallets and analytics companies. Given Coinbase’s commitment to the open source communities around crypto protocols we are keen to further “devolve” Rosetta’s ownership to the crypto community.

We are excited to fund different types of projects almost anywhere in the world. Our initial grants aim to focus on two- to four-month-long projects and will range from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 per project. If successful, we hope to grow the Rosetta Grants program over time.

Example projects we will consider supporting:

  • Implement Rosetta Data and Build APIs for ETH2.0
  • Cross Chain Block Auditor
  • Web Wallet Integration or Browser for Rosetta Construction API
  • Rosetta Operating Status Page (including rosetta-cli test results)

We encourage individual developers and blockchain companies to apply for the first batch of Rosetta Grants. To apply, please complete this form by January 22nd, 2021.