Scheduled Platform Time – June 10th

Scheduled Platform Time – June 10th

Bitfinex will perform a system upgrade on Wednesday, June 10th designed to improve the stability and scalability of the iFinex infrastructure.

The upgrade is expected to begin at 8:00 AM UTC and services will be offline from one to three hours.

Please note that this is a rough estimate and the actual upgrade start time may change slightly based on market movements.

To upgrade the platform, all iFinex trading platforms will need to be taken offline throughout the maintenance phase. This means that Bitfinex merchants will not be able to trade, view or access their wallets during the update.

We kindly ask all our merchants to plan ahead accordingly and make the necessary account adjustments before starting the platform upgrade.

What this means for traders

Traders on Bitfinex will not be required to take any action:

  • All funds will remain safe and unaffected throughout the platform upgrade, and will not be at risk at any time.
  • No commands will be executed during idle time. All open orders will be retained (regardless of price movements) and resume once the platform is back online.
  • Users will not be switched off during standby time. However, traders should be aware that if the price moves significantly during this time, they are in danger of being scrapped as the platform reopens. Accordingly, we kindly ask all traders to review their margin requirements and assess the risk of moving the market on their open margin sites before entering the maintenance window.

For more information on the day of the upgrade, refer to the Bitfinex a Twitter accounting for official progress. We will notify our users five minutes before the platform reopens. Trading starts ten minutes after the platform is again accessible.

We appreciate your patience during the upgrade of the system and look forward to delivering you a better trading experience.