Shame Premium Replay 12/06/20: Season 11 Episode 1 “This Is Chicago”

Shame Premium Replay 12/06/20: Season 11 Episode 1

Tonight on Showtime the exclusive twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, December 6, 2020, episode 1 season 1 Finale entitled, “This is Chicago,” and we have your shameless weekly iteration below. On tonight’s episode of Shameless, as per Showtime’s synopsis, “The Gallaghers are adjusting to life during the pandemic: Frank fears losing the South Side for worship, while closing bars forces Kev and V to get creative in the Alibi.

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Frank is filmed by a reporter, he tells him that the Gallagher built Chicago. Meanwhile, Tami and Lip are woken up by the crying baby, it’s a small thing. Tami rises to get it, she tells Lip to start coffee. He tells her they should do one night away, one night on with the baby. She tells him that she has mistakes to run during the day.

Carl is still in the police academy, he is chasing a suspect and can hold him alone.

V is home cooking, Kev shaves his head. In the dining room, Kev has roller coasters for them, V tells him to stop, the girls have to get ready for school.

Ian gets ready for work, Mickey gets up. Ian tells him they need more money to come in, his minimum wage job is the only thing bringing in money.

Debbie is upset that she has to wear an ankle bracelet because she slept with Julia. Liam walks in the room, Debbie got a package from Amazon. It’s a sticker that says, “Debbie does Everything,” she puts it on her truck to advertise her business.

Frank is still with the reporter, he tells him stories about his version of how Chicago was built, while he drinks whiskey out of a Big Gulp cup. Frank wanders around the city without a maximum and tells the man that Corona is a hoax.

Debbie drops her daughter at school, tells Franny not to embrace the other kids.

Ian searches through a box of IOUs, the wedding money has disappeared and he needed it for utilities. Ian tells Mickey that it wasn’t his money to use. Mickey tells him to calm down, he’ll pay him back. Ian is upset, they were supposed to make decisions together. Ian tells him that he has to get to work.

Lip is working on his bike, Tami comes in and gives him a list of what he needs to do. She leaves, tells Fred that he made a mistake in renting the house, now he’s a slave to Tami.

Senior officer Carl tells him that he was aware of the irregularities in his application; his age, his IQ score, but with the loss of so many officers due to Corona, they are ready to put him on the street. He’s number one in his class, but it’s a tough decision to give him a badge, but he knows he’s going to kick ass.

Kev is in his gym, one of his members is upset because bitcoin has fallen, Kev usher is the guy into the Alibi, where he has gum and baked goods made with weeds. Kermit says weed makes him drowsy, V guarantees this one won’t make him drowsy. Someone knocks on the door, V and Kev pull everything and shout that they’re closed and compliant. It was Frank and his camera guy is at the door, who says to hack the mayor, he’s allowed to drink wherever he wants.

Frank introduces Allan to V and Kev, is a graduate student and is making a film of Frank. Allan says his doctorate is the neighborhoods and the transition due to displacement caused by the pandemic. V tells him he is in the right place, a lot of economic displacement going on there. Frank says gendrification, the ten percent increase what is left of the workman’s dreams when they are down and out. Meanwhile, Kev’s bitcoin guy passes out smoking a joint.

Debbie is in a job with Mrs. Lienety, she got a warning notice on her phone, she was warned that she was a sex offender.

Ian is at work complaining about Mickey, they’ve been married for six months and Mickey does nothing about finding a job and helping. Meanwhile, Lip spills her coffee to Tami, little knows she paid $ 1 for it at the convenience store and went to the coffee shop to add the sugar and creamery. She drinks it and tells him it’s delicious.

Debbie is furious, on the sex offender list she says Julia is seven, not seventeen.

Carl is in court, he says he was asked to empty his bowels in the house, points to Otis Grange, and tells him to do it. He will be asked if he was promised a spot in the police department for his evidence. Carl says no, he got into it because they knew he was going to be a great policeman. Carl lies at the lawyer, asking if he calls him a liar because he was brought up poor on the south side, because his father is drunk and his mother is junk, because he is not as smart as he is and he doesn’t know big words he knows.

Lip goes to the hardware store to get the paint Tami wanted, he tells her it’s expensive. Lip looks at the returned cans, and asks if there is any blue. He settles for three of them and gets a seaoam mist written on them so Tami doesn’t know the difference.

Carl walks out of the courtroom, being congratulated by his senior officer.

Lip is working on his bike, Ian walks in and tells him that the whole wedding thing is harder than it looks. Ian asks him how he handles his cash. Lip says Tami runs things, but there’s not much to go around so it’s not such a big deal. But since the pandemic, she’s worried they won’t have enough. Lip asks Ian why the questions. Ian says he figured they would just agree on everything. Lip tells him to talk to Mickey, they need to be on the same page.

Ian and Mickey are sitting on the steps drinking beer. Ian says they should have talked about what they expected of each other before they got married. How they spend money, not mess with other people. Carl shows up in his new uniform, grqduation is in the morning. Everyone goes to Lip’s house with food, to help them with the house. Tami arrives home, Lip shows her the blue, says beautiful and definitely worth the extra money.