Soriano Motori, the first motorcycle company to receive cryptocurrencies as a worldwide payment

The Italian brand accepts a wide range of digital currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BTC Cash, LiteCash or LiteCoin (LTC) to facilitate the purchase of all its customers and that they can get their motorcycle regardless of the currency currency or their country of origin.

“All our clients will be able to benefit from the great benefits that cryptocurrencies offer. Thanks to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, we can conduct international transactions without commissions or without regard to exchange rate fluctuations, among others,” . Soriano, the group’s founder and an experienced investor in cryptocurrencies.

Luxury sector commitment to cryptocurrencies

The two-wheeled vehicle sector, led by Soriano Motori, thus joins companies from other luxury sectors in the commitment to “digital gold.” Although some car and second-hand companies have already come to this world in some territories, Soriano Motori became the first motorcycle manufacturer to receive this payment method worldwide.

The Soriano Motori eCommerce store is integrated with Coinbase’s cryptocurrency trading platform and an advanced blockchain system that always guarantees transaction security.

The three electric models designed by the Italian brand can now be housed in an exclusive 100-unit edition at The V1-R has a power of 58 KW, the V1-S with 58 KW and the V1-Gara with 62 KW and has a starting price of € 25,500, € 30,500, and € 32,500, respectively.

At the current exchange rate for BTC, today’s most widely used digital currency, consumers could buy any of the models for just over 2 BTC. The customer will always pay the amount at the market value set at the time of purchase. In addition to cryptocurrencies, the company receives euros, dollars and sterling.

Completely custom designed EV motorcycles

The motorcycles are completely handmade. In addition to choosing the color of the chassis, brakes, you can determine the seat material and sound your motorcycle carries (Silent EV, Urban EV or Sound of the Future). About half have already been sold the United States and this first issue is expected to sell out in the coming months, according to company estimates.

They all feature a duo-flex engine platform, a 20-kWh battery, five gears (plus one reversing gear) and a hydraulic anti-bounce clutch. In addition, the peripheral brakes they are equipped with stand out. For increased comfort and safety in critical situations, its sophisticated front suspension system has a central shock absorber at the height of the steering column.

About Soriano Motori:

Reorganized in 2020, Soriano Motori’s main objective is to create a legacy of invention, innovation and modernization, as did Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff, founder of The Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris in 1919 and, later, The R. Soriano SrL in Madrid in 1939 (which happens to be the first Hispanic manufacturing company).

A team of engineers with extensive experience in electric drive from the European Union a the United States has worked closely to create an icon in the world of motorcycles that in turn is a product of today’s cutting edge technologies.

SOURCE Soriano Group and Family Office