Superstar TV Host Conan O’Brien Asks His Son To Explain Bitcoin

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Alex Dovbnya

Conan O’Brien still finds Bitcoin very difficult to explain


  • Explaining Bitcoin since 2014
  • Celebrities fueling the hype

Conan O’Brien, host of a popular late-night talk show recently he took to Twitter to express his 15-year-old son’s frustration at trying to explain Bitcoin.

He compared the experience to watching the final of James Cameron’s action-packed romance film “Titanic”:

What is my son’s saddle, end of “Titanic” or face when I ask him to explain Bitcoin again?

Explaining Bitcoin since 2014

O’Brien gave Bitcoin mainstream exposure with a funny sketch back in March 2014 when the cryptocurrency was largely unknown. The make-up of “Bitcoin COO,” Marcus Ortman, invited him to his show to explain the cryptocurrency to viewers (and only make things more confusing):

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is exchanged in the interactive metaverse.

After unsuccessfully trying to get a simple explanation, Ortman finished wildly while leaving the stage, trying to hide his embarrassment with smoke.

Six years later, O’Brien seems to be struggling to find the magical money on the internet.

BitGo CEO Mike Belshe he was offered to come on TBS O’Brien’s show “Conan” – which will bring its decade-long run next year – to show him coins.

Celebrities fueling the hype

It’s been a rocky year for Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency went from a complete collapse in March to new highlights always in early December. Its pros and cons did not fall short of celebrity attention.

Last month, “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams posted a Twitter poll to find out whether or not she should go far on Bitcoin.

Nothing, however, comes close to the burgeoning cryptocurrency community trying to explain Bitcoin to “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling back in May.