Switcheo Demex’s new decentralized spot trading platform is now live »CryptoNinjas

Switcheo, the cryptocurrency platform technology ecosystem, announced today that Demex, its new decentralized derivatives exchange is now live. For the Switcheo Foundation, the launch marks a significant milestone in its goal to establish a decentralized trading platform that is superior to today’s central cryptocurrency exchanges.

Demex users can currently trade on the following spot markets (Manufacturer Fee: -0.05%, Taker Fee: 0.25%):

  • SWTH / ETH
  • ETH / WBTC


As a fully decentralized platform, that supports any cryptocurrency derivative product. It is built on the Switcheo TradeHub, a customized Tier-2 blockchain solution. Demex provides speed, scalability, and security, so consumers can trade the way they want without any registration or deposits required.

Demex’s order location, matching and settlement system are on the chain, and transactions are checked by more than 20 verifiers. Users can start trading immediately and anonymously, via a Switcheo, Ledger, MetaMask account, or a self-holding wallet.

“Spot markets are just the beginning, and futures markets are next. Expect the future of BTC and ETH to be delivered very soon. The security and reliability of the platform remains our number one priority. All users are invited to submit bug reports, and go to our community channels to suggest improvements to our platform. “
– Team Switcheo