The Dismissal Ticket with Distinctive Abilities

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in 2020 as the industry has grown significantly in recent months.

DeFi’s recent developments pave the way for new financial models as investors increase interest every day. As a result, DeFi Pulse records an increase in the value of locked assets, which moved from $ 10.75 billion to $ 16.4 billion between mid-September and December 19.

Owning an adequate amount of digital assets gives consumers more opportunity to farm in the DeFi ecosystem. However, the risk of inflation continues to hit symbolic platforms, which could affect your income as more tickets are put into the market.

Joining the DeFi sector is Flaming Farm, a new project that aims to become the premier ticket-burning network. The deflationary platform intends to solve the symbolic pricing issue and play the role of a rare asset.

Understand the Concept of Deflation Tickets

Token burning is an innovative mechanism that Flaming Farm adopts to guarantee ticket price stability. The burn procedure can occur in two scenarios; either the platform buys back all market tickets or discards a portion of it completely from distribution.

In addition, the ‘excess tickets’ are unallocated assets that are sometimes under the care of the founding team’s wallet. During the actual event, the tickets are sent to an irrevocable public address and burned from there.

Essentially, the digital asset world is experiencing two types of inflation cases where cryptocurrency / inflated token continues to add to the cumulative market supply. The other inflation movement is neutral, i.e., the total ticket supply does not multiply or decrease over time.

However, digital ticket burning falls under the deflation category, which targets restricting ticket supply and increasing its prices. Flaming Farm burns its native ticket (FFARM), starting from the 2.5% rate based on the number of tickets available on the liquidity pools.

Participate in Farm Flaming

Community engagement is the first way a company can build its brand name. So, Flaming Farm is trying to invite more consumers through their public crowd sales. The private sale stage was a success as it ran until December 9 to reach a hard cap of 300 ETH.

Both activities require consumers to make their ETH contributions on a specific crowd funding direction as provided by the Flame network. To make ETH contributions successful, the defunct platform advises buyers to use Metamask or Trust Wallet or an alternative wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

The purchase price of FFARM varies depending on the stage of sale as the private sale has a minimum purchase price of 0.5 ETH and a maximum price of 30 ETH. On the other hand, the ongoing pre-sale finance limits the purchase price from 0.16 ETH to 20 ETH. Furthermore, the presale is targeting to achieve a hard cap of 600 ETH as it releases 4000 FFARM.


Instrument of Government

Flaming Farm presents the opportunity to participate in voting for essential network operations. To qualify for the governance position, investors need to own FFARM tokens. The decentralized nature of Flaming Farm allows FFARM owners to decide on key upgrades such as fee adjustments or adding new pools to the network.

Pool Stacking, Gaining Opportunities, and a Simple Roadmap

Developers on the Flaming Farm network plan to connect DAI, USDT, and ETH pools for enthusiasts. As the network runs on community guidelines, new pools will continue to be added and encourage a diverse alternative. Stickers receive a profit on their end as the liquidity fund collects money from the transaction charges.

Thus, the rewards depend on how often stakers interact with the liquidity fund and how much the pool accumulates. In addition, consumers can provide lending services and also borrow money whose interest goes back into the liquidity fund.

Flaming Farm’s outlook aims to work with rewarding partners who will boost the ecosystem going forward. In particular, DeFi’s platform hopes to dive into the games industry and apply its specific farming architecture. The ticket will also appear on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the statistical networks that display live data on ticket price movements.

User Interface

Flaming Farm provides an attractive yet friendly interface that can monitor current, past and future earnings. It enables users to track profits from all the pools that the DeFi network incorporates. World-class interface design is designed to retain investors and facilitate a simple farming experience.


Flaming Farm is a new and interesting project in DeFi. Native FFARM tokens can also be used as a trading tool on prominent decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

The application of the ticket burning procedure aims to get the right amount of FFARM ticket circulating the market, making it a scarce commodity. As long as an investor has an ERC-20 compliant wallet, they can send FFARM to anyone globally. As the product farming community expands, Flaming Farm hopes to put consumer assets and investments to work.

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