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19th January 2020, St Kitts & Nevis & Atlanta – Economic Education Foundation ( published today founder and early cryptocurrency investor Roger Ver has made two donations totaling $ 2,000,000 in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to support FEE’s work in promoting individual freedom and educating students worldwide on the moral and economic foundations of free society.

The first $ 1 million gift supports FEE’s marquee events in 2021 – FEE’s 75th anniversary year – as well as additional student programs, including educational content and online books. The second $ 1M donation is in the form of an endowment, which will be an ongoing source of support for FEE educational activities.

Ver, who previously donated $ 1,000,000 to Bitcoin to FEE in 2013, said he owes intellectual debt to FEE and is making this new donation at a time when he believes FEE’s work is needed more than ever.

“I was a subscriber to FEE’s long-running magazine” The Freeman “when I was in high school and owe much of my success in Bitcoin to what I learned reading about the moral urgency of having a financial system that exists apart from the state. power, ”

He said Roger Ver. He continued:

“I was looking around the world today and saw global locks, inflation, attacks on individuals’ freedom, and thought: ‘Who are the most important voices of freedom today?’ FEE is at the top of my list. I want to help FEE have the same impact on the lives of millions of young people as they did on mine. ”

FEES – Anything Peaceful

Founded in 1946, FEE is the oldest liberal think tank in the US FEES will celebrate its 75th anniversary with events throughout 2021, including FEEcon (in Atlanta from June 17-19) and the FEES 75th Anniversary Gala on June 19th. Each year, FEE reaches an audience of hundreds of millions online and nearly 20,000 students through classroom programs in colleges and high schools in the United States and Latin America.

“Roger picked up our online growth in 2013 when he donated an unprecedented $ 1M in Bitcoin to FEE,”

He said FEE Executive Vice President Richard N. Lorenc, who went on to say:

“At the time, it was the largest ever donation of cryptocurrency and has helped us significantly along a path of ever-increasing educational impact ever since. With these new big gifts of Bitcoin Cash, Roger continues his transformational gifts just as we begin celebrating FEE’s 75th year and unveil our campaign to uncover more ideas of freedom for students, both in their classrooms and at line. “

Asked why he chose to make his donation in Bitcoin Cash, Ver stated:

“Bitcoin Cash of all cryptocurrencies has the best opportunity to create more economic freedom worldwide. Unlike the legacy Bitcoin chain, Bitcoin Cash can be sent immediately to anyone worldwide for a fraction of a penny without arbitrary government restrictions. It has the kind of potential that excited me so much about first investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies back in 2011, and that potential fits perfectly with the work FEE is doing to realize a freer world, more peaceful. “

With the new gifts from Ver, FEE plans to rapidly increase their ability to continue producing powerful videos, write compelling articles, and develop classroom materials all focused on promoting individual freedom, free enterprise, and limited government in the world economics, art, careers. , culture, and more.

“Roger’s groundbreaking work in the cryptocurrency space shows how ideas can and do change the world,”

He said FEE President Zilvinas Silenas.

“Similarly, Roger’s continued investment in FEE emphasizes the vital role of FEE in economic education. FEE is the leading player in presenting the ideas of freedom and empowerment of individuals to young audiences, and we are honored that Roger recognizes our innovative work online and in the classroom. Backed by distinguished philanthropists like Roger Ver, FEE will succeed in making human freedom the most credible economic and political philosophy of the rising generation. ”

To learn more about FEE’s online and classroom programs and online media, visit To learn how you can attend FEEcon 2021, visit To join FEE in their mission to advance the basic ideas and principles of free society – freedom of individual, free enterprise, limited government, entrepreneurial value creation, and high moral character – for the rising generation, visit:

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