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On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” Christian Keroles sat down with Randy Brito, cofounder and CEO of the Locha Mesh project.

Brito is a diehard Bitcoiner who has escaped persecution in Venezuela and works daily with the mission to make Bitcoin more and more resistant to censorship. Brito sees the existing internet infrastructure as a huge attack vector that must be addressed immediately. Locha Mesh is an open source mesh networking project and protocol designed to be able to support a decentralized global internet.

Keroles and Brito discussed why Westerners have been complacent with their stable but central infrastructure and how the majority of the world is in desperate need of a free, open and private internet, especially for Bitcoin. Brito believes that Bitcoin is the catalyst for us to rebuild our entire economy in a more decentralized way, but fears for the next few years in the fight.

Brito urged all listeners to do what they can to support rebuilding the internet in a way that respects human rights and freedoms. He chants the rally cry “La Lucha Por La Locha Libre, The Fight For The Freedom Money.”

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Find Brito on Twitter: @randybrito

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Bitcoin without permission: We are able to use Bitcoin today because those in power let us
  • Bitcoin is really not an irrecoverable and inconceivable currency if you use it through the traditional over-managed and over-watched Internet infrastructure.
  • In the early days, the web and the Internet (which is the network we currently used for transferring bitcoin) were supposed to be decentralized, verifiable and private.
  • Locha Mesh is a decentralized, mobile-first P2P mesh network.
  • It is a resilient network that will enable private communication, data and access to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network without central internet access.
  • Turpial devices: open source software and open source hardware.
  • Completely private anonymous communications and Bitcoin without internet means unauthorized freedom.

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