The legendary Bitcoin HODL meme turns into seven | Crypto


The Bitcoin community is celebrating seven years since the introduction of the cult word “HODL”.

For the first time on BitcoinTalk a user is using the nickname GameKyuubi, later known as Mr. HODL. On December 18, 2013, he declared that he, as a poor trader, preferred to “walk” so as not to suffer financial losses.

Bitcoin’s price fell nearly 40% that day and GameKyuubi added that it was not a successful trader.

In January 2019, in an interview with Coindesk, Mr HODL recalled these events. He claims to have tried to talk to his girlfriend at the same time while trading bitcoin through a very slow app. After several unsuccessful attempts, he went to his room and started drinking.

He also admitted that, of course, he knew he had become a bit of a star in the Bitcoin community.

However, the word “HODL” quickly became synonymous with a “buy and hold” strategy. In the crypto community, long-term investors are called hodlers, and the investment itself is called hodle.

Just before the famous meme’s seventh birthday, the price of bitcoin always hit a new peak, surpassing $ 23,750.

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