The No. 1 Gateway for Bitcoin and Crypto Carriers

ZUG, Switzerland, January 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The booming market in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing the interest in comprehensive information in these fields. is a new type of social network aimed specifically at people interested in Bitcoin and crypto. Here, registrants – beginners or advanced – can find information, courses, expert groups and forums in the fields of blockchain and crypto.

“What’s unique is that we reward our members for their activities and contributions,” he said Bertram Seitz, CEO and co-founder “We created this new‘ social ’social network to engage all members for their activities. With our Equity Rewards Program, registrants can earn points based on a range of activities and convert them into 18digits shares. Therefore, they are not only valuable to the community through comments and contributions, but also become part owners of Swiss 18digits. “

Among the special features of the 18digits portal is the “Public Wall”, where members can reach the entire community with just one click. The “My Interest” tag option is an outstanding feature, which makes it easy to find members with similar interests. The global search function allows members to find crypto interests, jobs, courses, and keyword-based projects. Another high priority area is ‘Education’. Here, courses are offered by various crypto academies and experts, aimed at beginners as well as advanced and professional crypto investors.

“Sign with it is definitely the right step to become part of the crypto community, ”Seitz said.


Bertram Seitz
(CEO and Co-Founder)
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About us:, is a brand of jofh beratung gmbh (, launched in 2020 by both capital market and blockchain veterans Bertram Seitz a Roderick Warren, located in Crypto Valley Zug, Switzerland. is a member-owned portal for members.