The price of Bitcoin has plummeted to the region of $ 22,000 after the record soared

After the BTC hit the new ATH above $ 24,000 over the weekend, the next day it began to decline and lost support at $ 23,000. Currently, this cryptocurrency is trading around $ 22,651.

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The price of Bitcoin is being corrected

The oldest cryptocurrency has recently recorded high profits, gaining new heights. BTC hit an all-time high of $ 24,209.66, according to CoinMarketCap’s average data.

After the record high, declines also came. Yesterday’s session closed with a loss of 2.86%. The changes were not drastic, however, and Bitcoin recovered quickly.

Currently, this cryptocurrency is trading around $ 22,651 a penny. The fear and greed indicator suggests to us that BTC investors remain extremely greedy for Bitcoin.

Fear seems to have crept into markets after news of a rolling strain of the coronavirus surfaced in the media.

The appetite for BTC is growing

However, Bitcoin’s correction didn’t frighten experienced investors who know that such a decline is natural for cryptocurrencies.

As it happens, the American company listed on NASDAQ – MicroStrategy decided to continue to pool BTC coins. This time, he allocated $ 650 million for the last Bitcoin purchase at $ 21,926 a penny.