Twitter To Shut Down Periscope In March 2021

On December 15, Twitter announced that it will close Periscope in March 2021. The social media company said the cost of keeping the service operational with a decreasing number of users is huge. The company explained in a blog post:

“The reality is that the Periscope app is in an unsustainable state of maintenance, and has been for some time. Over the past few years, we’ve seen usage decline and know that the cost to support the app will only keep increasing over time. Leaving it in its current state is not doing right by the past and present community of Periscope or via Twitter. ”

The closure of Periscope has already begun with consumers being unable to create new accounts or buy coins for broadcast broadcasters. The app will then be downloaded from app stores by March 2021. Users can then download videos created in this service until the March deadline. Broadcasters, on the other hand, can exchange their tips up to the end of April.

Twitter said that most of the features available on Periscope had been moved to the Twitter platform itself. He said:

“The capabilities and ethos of the Periscope team and infrastructure already permeate Twitter, and we’re confident that live video still has the potential to see an even wider audience within the Twitter product. It was a real honor to pour our heart and soul into building something that others loved enough to use and build their own communities. Thank you very much.”

Expand Amazon’s Onto Web Service

This announcement comes as Twitter extends its partnerships with arm-powered AWS cases. Amazon Web Services (AWS) confirmed that Twitter has signed a multi-year agreement to use its services for efficiency in the implementation of Twitter timelines. Expansion to AWS is the first time the social media platform has used the public cloud to improve the efficiency of their real-time services. AWS said:

“Twitter will rely on the breadth and depth of AWS, including capabilities in computing, containers, storage and security, to provide the real-time service with the least reliability, while continuing to develop and deploy new features to improve how people use. Twitter. ”

According to official releases from AWS, Twitter will start using Graviton2 cases on EC2. It will also continue to use CloudFront and DynamoDB services currently used by the social media platform to advertise content and serve media.

Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal acknowledged that the partnership with AWS will improve performance for Twitter users by enabling the company to tweet tweets from data centers near customers. Agrawal added:

“As well as helping us scale our infrastructure, this work with AWS enables us to send features faster as we apply AWS ‘diverse and growing portfolio of services.”

What Happens After Periscope Switches?

The Periscope team said that the broadcasts shared to Twitter will remain as replacements and all broadcasters can download an archive of their broadcasts and Periscope data before the app closes in March 2021. Twitter has publishing how consumers can go live going forward and explain what will happen to Super Hearts and consumer broadcasts.

Although it’s time to move on, Periscope’s legacy will live beyond the app’s boundaries. The team believes that live video has the potential to attract a large audience within the Twitter product.

TikTok has also updated its community guidelines to curb bullying and harassment. Also, the social media platform has changed the language it uses for areas such as eating disorders and self-harm. For the graphic or distressed videos, the company said it would issue a sensitive content alert.

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