Unencumbered Capital ‘more bullish than ever’ on Bitcoin SV in 2021

Unbounded Capital Opportunity Fund grew 348.7% in 2020 and the company sees much promise for Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021. In a summary year-end letter sent to investors, the investment company highlighted technical improvements to capabilities BSV processing and the decision. ongoing legal disputes in the coming year as potential catalysts for the rise in the value of BSV.

Unbounded Capital, which started in 2018 but decided to focus solely on BSV-related investments from April 2019, listed some key highlights from 2020. These included: a BSV price hike up to $ 450 at the start of the year (at likely due to news of Craig Wright receiving more information on access to early bitcoins); restore the original Bitcoin protocol in February, and set it “in stone” for future stability; and the Tuvalu National Digital Ledger project, which will see BSV applications deployed on a small scale but nationwide for the first time.

Building on these good news stories, Unbounded said that 2021 shows even more promise and the company is “more bullish than ever” on the BSV ecosystem and BSV’s own asset in the first half of 2021. Solve some lawsuits ( namely the Kleiman v Wright company dispute and the Wright v McCormack libel case) would see new evidence for the legality of BSV being presented in court. BSV itself would see major improvements to its transaction processing capabilities in the coming year, and this in turn would bring new insights as BSV businesses submit new applications that would bring new adoption and affect large existing markets.

About Unlimited Capital

Unbounded Capital was launched in the San Francisco Bay area as Ezra Capital LLC and the Ezra New Economy Fund in August 2018. However, having become acquainted with BSV since November 2018, “We had to tackle ‘ The reality is that most of what we thought we understood blockchain could be wrong. ”The company only switched to investments in the BSV ecosystem from April 2019, saying it needed to move to meet its fiduciary obligations. The company changed its name to Unbounded Capital to reflect the new focus, and in 2020 published an e-book detailing the lessons it had learned about blockchain economics.

Its Opportunity Fund has since invested in five BSV businesses. Unbounded wrote that two of those companies later raised capital at higher valuations, and that all five had experienced strong growth.

The Fund’s 2020 growth (348.7%) compared favorably with other investment benchmarks over the same period: the S&P 500 (22.68%); Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (69.79%); and BSV’s own unit price (150.17%). Unbounded Capital’s earnings since April 2019 came from the appreciation of BSV’s assets and portfolio companies’ marks almost equally.

Headquarter and portfolio moving company report

Unbounded also noted that it had moved its headquarters from San Francisco to Austin, Texas. It has partners in Denver and New York City.

Its five existing portfolio companies are HandCash, Run, Xoken Labs, Planaria, and UNISOT.

HandCash recently launched HandCash Connect, an SDK that allows developers to more easily build BSV apps that integrate with the HandCash wallet interface. Run, a symbolic protocol, provides a simpler and more scalable token creation solution than Ethereum – major users in 2020 included USDC stablecoin, and the Kronoverse Cryptofights game. Planaria Unwriter continued to release back end tools that drive many BSV applications, while ordinary users get a taste of Unwriter’s capabilities with the launch of the PowPing social network.

Xoken Labs launched Xoken Nexa, the first implementation of a true SPV (simplified payment verification) product despite Satoshi Nakamoto’s description of SPV as the only way forward for grading Bitcoin in its original white paper in 2008. Unbounded’s sister company, Unbounded Enterprise itself, uses an upcoming Xoken Labs product, a node operation called Vega.

Unbounded also said SeafoodChain, a BSV UNISOT supply chain management system pilot, was “hugely successful,” and described supply chain space as “tailor-made for blockchain disruption.”

Unbounded Capital oversees three funds that invest in the BSV ecosystem. In the near future and beyond, he says, the company is seeing more and more companies choosing to build on BSV as its scalability and utility become more widely recognized. Despite the many difficulties and delays served in 2020, Unbounded’s forecast for BSV in 2021 remains even more optimistic, and may even exceed expectations.

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