What is FRAG doing on Tron ?. FRAG Token has 1% deflation and… | by Satoshi Knotabolo

Satoshi Knotabolo

FRAG Token has 1% deflation and everything else thrown in

FRAG has more dapps then I’m worried to explain, good job guys

I’m a fan of deflation because it restricts supply to new purchases. Those buyers could be traders or long-term occupants, only time will tell. That 1% deflation for FRAG is a tax on spenders, or weak hands. I’m a saver, so of course I dig it.

FRAG runs on Tron, and runs well. I see the activity on the TRX network and I am amazed how many people called it a scam. Why was Tron a scam in 2017/2018? “They copied the best features of many of the best cryptos”

I will not blame a company for using open source technology to further innovate, I will invest. I did arrive at TRX at ICO but more than my buy-in price, necessity keeps me into TRX. I use Tron a lot because it’s a solid network with unique investments, like FRAG. TRX has the perfect network for cheap and fast TX, as dapps need.

TRX has similar uses to WAVES and also shares a similar issue in my mind. High supply, and inflation rate set by the community receiving those awards. Like WAVES, voters have recognized the need for self-restraint and kept inflation low, 0.5-2.0% depending on how you slice it.

Where FRAG is leading all other deflationary tickets, there are dapps. They have little raffle, dividend composers, games and projection apps. 9 dapp on fragtoken.io and their 10th may be my favorite. Favorites are determined by% earnings. Hopefully Tron Prime can live up to the FRAG box.

Tron Prime is a fund to which you deposit TRX and diversify across hourglass compound funds. The FRAG box is one of these hourglass reservoirs in which Tron Prime puts TRX. An hourglass pool takes% of all incoming and outgoing crytpto, like a POWH3d-style dapp.

The dapp has just started but it already has 5 different investment vehicles and the ability to take out a loan for 50-70% of your TRX without cash exchange.

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