What will happen after Bitcoin is halved?

What will happen after Bitcoin is halved?

The 3rd Bitcoin halving is likely to take place tomorrow, and has been a hot topic among the crypto community on what will happen after. On crypto Twitter, many predictions are made by various crypto personalities.

While what will happen remains to be seen, it is quite interesting to read how these people are finding that Bitcoin is halving 2020 and what they expect to happen after.

We reached out to some of the creators and merchants of crypto content about their Bitcoin halving predictions, while keeping our eyes on Twitter for some other interesting ones. Here’s what people had to say about the most anticipated Bitcoin event in 2020 *.

Didi Taihuttu – “Bull running to the moon!”

The “Father” of the Bitcoin Family is extremely bullish on what will happen after Bitcoin 2020 halves. “BTC’s deflationary attitude has made it a top performing asset over the past decade and this will be the third halving again reducing the supply of new bitcoins. to the market that will increase the shortage, make BTC more valuable and thus start the next 18 months during bull run to the moon! Said Taihuttu.

Crypto Bitlord – “ATH new!”

The crypto personality who has more than 115K followers on Twitter believes that Bitcoin will always reach a new peak. Quoting, “It’s going to blast through $ 12k and when we finally wake up, new ATH.”

CryptoMurmur – “Start” upward trajectory for Bitcoin. ”

CryptoMurmur is definitely not that bad of Bitcoin. The team is confident that the forthcoming halves will lead to an upward performance of Bitcoin. Expanding on their belief, “I think the impending halving will lead to an upward trajectory of the Bitcoin price (and in turn, the rest of the market), and one that is happen at a faster rate and more sustainable speed than previous halves. ”

Furthermore, “I attribute this to a combination of Bitcoin’s further deflationary attraction, the psychological thrill this will have on the retail side of crypto, and also the ongoing uncertainty we are seeing within the global financial system.”

That said, they question whether the forthcoming halves will bring enough traditional currency into crypto. Noting that until they reach the crypto, we should expect future bear markets. Quoting, “However, the most important question for me is, will the forthcoming halves bring enough traditional money into crypto space? I have always maintained that the crypto market is largely a circular economy dominated by a number of whales that are largely the pied pipers of the industry; however, this is not sustainable without big money seeing Bitcoin as a long-term and viable investment option. So as ever, until traditional big money gets into the mix, expect bear markets in the future. ”

Mr. Back – “Nasty, but bullish volatility.”

Mr Backwards opened his prediction to us by saying that he will not speak from past experience as he bought his first Bitcoin in early 2017; therefore, it “failed the 2nd halving that occurred in 2016”.

“Because of this, I can’t speak out of experience, but what I remember was the widespread confusion and skepticism when Bitcoin fork burst. This was a very significant event triggered by the (hidden) distrust of people in Bitcoin coming to the fore, ”he said.

The crypto personality that goes with the Twitter handle @Coin_Shark further explained, “Bitcoin is currently stronger than ever before. He recovered from a deep crash, and adoption among financial institutions is growing by the day. The halving may bring some nasty volatility, but on a macro scale, you can only label it “bullish”.

“I’m pretty sure Nakamoto didn’t code this in Bitcoin to make it weaker,” he closed his statement.

Jason Williams – “Buy the rumor, sell on the news about halving Bitcoin.”

The co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital told his 32K Twitter followers to “keep an eye out for the sales news”.

Quoting his tweets, “The” buy the rumor, sell the news “is on for #bitcoin halves. Remember, history doesn’t always repeat itself, but it often rhymes. So watch out for the news sale. Historically when #BTC runs up it withdraws (sometimes 30% + or -). If we find we have #BTC @ 7k. ”

Armin van Bitcoin – “A strong bullish sign.”

The Canadian crypto influencer tweets, “In five days…” He told you that halving was not an event for the price. #Bitcoin only increased $ 100 from $ 25,500 to $ 25,600. ”😐. ”Furthermore, he can be seen responding to one of the responses saying, “$ BTC supremacy index rises. Strong bullish sign. Less and less likely we will dump. ”

Willy Woo – “Miners will cease to be Bitcoin’s biggest sellers.”

Crypto futures trader Willy Woo posted about the upcoming Bitcoin halving. He opened past saying, “After this 2020 halving miners will cease to be Bitcoin’s biggest sellers. It will be dawn of the crypto exchange as the main seller. The biggest selling pressure on Bitcoin from exchanges will soon be selling their fTC collected BTC fees. ”

He also predicted that the price would move more sideways, which creates a more strategic environment for large leverage traders. Quoting his statement, “While price moves more on all sides, this creates an environment where large leverage traders are having an easier time strategically removing the majority of traders from their positions. Like the 4k-> 14k cascading short squeeze in 2019. Equals more volatility. ”

Crypto Michaël – “Summer is probably going to be fun for altcoins.”

Crypto Michael is bullish about the halving, but unlike the others, it is more bullish towards the altcoins. “Once the hype is halved, the money should start to flow towards the altcoins. They can start catching up, where the king already left the station. Do you remember January ’18? “him tweets.

The Dutch crypto trader continued by saying, “Summer is probably going to be fun for altcoins. Last quarter ago. Next party Q1 2021. The bullrun. ”

MagicPoopCannon – “Don’t become too confident until the time is right.”

MagicPoopCannon warned its 31.1K followers on Twitter not to become too confident again as the recent rally could be a “buy the rum, sell the news” event.

“With three days and change left until BTC halved, I can’t help but wonder if the recent rally is a” buy the rum, sell the news “event. We’ll see if there is a bullish continuation or sales after halving, ”he said tweets.

Furthermore, he He said, “Don’t forget that BTC hasn’t surpassed the previous February peak. So, until that happens, and a higher low is formed, BTC is still in technical decline. In addition, it is an over-thought, in challenging massive resistance. Don’t become too confident until the time is right. ”

Paolo Ardoino – “It’s difficult to predict what will happen in the short term after halving.”

“I think that halving Bitcoin is one of the most meaningful and beautiful events in the crypto industry. It has happened every 4 years since 2008 and will continue until Bitcoin reaches a total supply of 21 million. Halving is also a perfect reminder of the immobility of the protocol, ”said Paolo Ardoino when asked about halving Bitcoin 2020.

He continued that, given the current global situation, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the short term after halving occurs. Quoting, “Although the event is of great importance to the cryptocurrency world, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the short term after. I’m extremely bullish in Bitcoin in the long run, but we have to remember that we are living in a certain moment of global economic uncertainty due to COVID-19. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices are likely to be affected by traditional markets in the coming months. “

Furthermore, the Bitfinex CTO said, “In the medium / long term, Bitcoin will, in my view, begin to become less and less correlated with stock and commodity markets, proving to be a major hedge against government monetary policies . ”

What predictions will come true? Only time will tell. Regardless of the bearish or bullish outlook after halving Bitcoin, Bitfinex remains committed to providing the best trading experience for all. Sign up for a Bitfinex account if you haven’t already.

* Bitfinex does not endorse any predictions and opinions.