Where Satoshi Should Send His Forks by Satoshi Knotabolo

Satoshi Knotabolo

Should the Alpha put Faketoshi out of his misery?

We are all Saotshi, didn’t you know?

Watching Craig Wright’s lies has gone from funny to sad. Wright on probation for pretending to be Satoshi could have legal consequences. It’s like watching a real life version of Sean Penn on trial as a mentally retarded father. Just like Penn, in the 2000 classic “I am Sam”, Wright is poorly prepared. Craig’s inability to prove he has Satoshi’s keys won’t change.

Roger Ver loves this meme, I think he called it a favorite

Satoshi should end this, give this show to rest and crash the fork. If the keys didn’t disappear with Hal Finney, I’d like to see some action from Satoshi’s wallet. Flip those forks into BTC, and then save them, donate them, send them to the genesis block for everyone that matters to me.

Forkers gonna fork

It may seem cool to laugh at BSV holders who believe they have the “real” bitcoin. It still makes fun of people’s heads for their mental deficits. Real bitcoiners are better than that.

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