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There has been much unrest in the US and just before the presidential election vote, Big Tech operated and censored large numbers of individuals and even rival social media platforms. Moreover, even after President Biden’s first few days in office, social media apps continued to clean up disagreements. On January 22, Facebook deleted my social media profile, and also a former colleague’s account, for our liberal views.

Anti-War Liberal, Free Market Speaks Against Oppression and Censorship

For years now I’ve been an activist and years ago, Dr. helped. Ron Paul me to find liberalism. At that time, I was a minister who believed in a minimalist form of government and the constitution. However, after traveling further down the rabbit hole, by reading things like Larkin Rose, Lysander Spooner, and others, I changed. Six months later, I considered myself anarcho-capitalist. In 2008, I created my Facebook account and since then, even long before I started writing about bitcoin, I built up a big following.

Many years later, in late 2011 to 2012, I discovered bitcoin and three years later, I decided to write about the technology every day for a profession. For over a decade, I had used Facebook to share my liberal views, connect with others, and share my bitcoin articles as well. It was 2020 when things really started to change on the platform. Censorship was a regular occurrence, and the company had used ‘fact-checkers’ used to highlight alleged ‘fake media’. Personally, I never advocated violence, hatred, or anything that really went against community standards.

Purging Freedom Activists Today: Why Big Tech Censorship Is Not Just Directed to Trump Supporters
Long before the event in Washington DC in the first week of January, throughout 2020, Big Tech has censured many dissenting opinions and some opinions about Covid-19. After the Capitol breach, however, Big Tech has spread the patch and further focused on those who speak out against the current fascism.

However, I regularly explained that government is an immoral entity, one built on violence. I was not a Trump supporter or Republican, however, I had shown distaste to Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Obama, Bush, and the rest of the presidential goons. Yes, I regularly told political followers that they had lost all decency by forgetting to be individuals and instead drawing R&D party lines. Many posts I had written also called for opening up the economy, letting people decide if they want to wear a mask or not, and other topics related to the coronavirus and civil liberties.

Targeting Trump Supporters is not just Big Tech censorship, but anyone who supports free thinking and freedom

Then in the first week of the year, after a Capitol break in Washington DC, I wrote about the event. My editorial was a scathing criticism of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and Amazon’s decision to censor not only Donald Trump but hundreds of right-wing supporters, conservatives, and liberals. During that time, I had also anticipated that my Facebook (FB) profile, in particular, would be removed in due course. I told an old friend from high school that week that I knew I would be in line next, and two weeks later my prediction came to fruition.

Before my account was deleted, I managed 15 pages based on liberals, had close to 5,000 contacts with friends, and moderated six cryptocurrency groups. On Friday morning, the account was completely disabled and was not given access to my FB profile data.

Purging Freedom Activists Today: Why Big Tech Censorship Is Not Just Directed to Trump Supporters

Now, this editorial is not a complaint, but more documentation of events to demonstrate the fact that the current Big Tech censorship is not just focused on Trump conservatives, but literally anyone with a dissenting opinion against the state . I wasn’t the only one who was purified, as many other like-minded individuals who pointed to the current oligarchic rule were also deleted from Facebook on Friday. Sterlin Lujan, a former news contributor.Bitcoin.com, was also cleansed by Facebook and just like my experience, no reason was given and no opportunity to appeal the decision.

“I woke up in the morning and as usual checked my Facebook page,” Lujan explained to me. “It was still active. I took a restroom break, sat back down at the desk, and had my account recorded. I tried to log in and said my account was disabled for violating community standards. I tried to appeal against the decision, but got an automatic response saying I couldn’t appeal against my account. This is nothing new to me. I’ve had problems with Facebook censoring my pages and accounts for two years now. Back in 2018, my Psychologic-Anarchist Facebook page was cleaned up. It had around 50,000 followers, and I’ve managed other censored pages as well, ”added Lujan.

Purging Freedom Activists Today: Why Big Tech Censorship Is Not Just Directed to Trump Supporters

Lujan said many people believe that only ‘extremists’ get the prohibition hammer. But in reality, anyone who supports free thinking and freedom has caught up in their censorship campaigns. The liberal further emphasized that moderators and decision makers of these social media platforms want people to be carbon copies of one another, exposing the same stereotypes and discussing simple things like the weather beautifully.

“My own personal feed was filled with discussions on freedom from government interference, the importance of privacy and cryptography, and the power of compassion and love for transforming society into one based on voluntary action rather than coercion,” Lujan stressed. He further added:

In this regard, I did not breach any community standards as they claimed me to. Of course, they didn’t bother pointing out any “wrongdoing.” Facebook, along with other Big Tech social media platforms, is on a crusade to clean up people who don’t support big government, political correctness, and communist minds. It’s a tragedy, but what happens represents all the scary things that Orwell chronicled in his book 1984. We actually live in a far worse dystopian nightmare by comparison.

The Elite Command is afraid of what we might say

Currently, the unrest in the US is hampered by censorship and the whole principle of censorship is wrong and immoral. The experience has led me to agree with Lujan’s view, that this social system is swelling into a grotesque dystopian nightmare. One where voices are routinely silenced for free speech and non-adherence to the propaganda of the nation state.

For years now, and only a few weeks before this event, I had written extensively about people migrating to decentralized social media. I’m still using it Twitter, but migrated my social media presence to places like noise.cash, Flote, Minds, memo.cash, member.cash, and Peepeth as well. This is the best I can and can do, rebuilding and migrating to decentralized social media that allows free speech and censorship-free discussions.

Purging Freedom Activists Today: Why Big Tech Censorship Is Not Just Directed to Trump Supporters

The worst part about the current US censorship is the fact that the population (even friends and family) are sitting idle by watching it all without protest. In fact, many become apologists for censorship and give excuses to those who produce the suspense. Just like Lujan and the others who have been cleansed, I was not a Trump supporter and just spoke my mind about collective oppression. And yet, I was depressed because I will never stand down to collective oppression, and have promised myself to hold my principles dear.

My main goal is to let the reader know that this Big Tech censorship is quite real and that fascism in the US is thriving. There is no doubt that this current censorship agenda will continue and freedom activists should be prepared to fight it with whatever voice we have left. As Laurie Halse Anderson once said, “censorship is a child of fear and a father of ignorance.”

What do you think about my experience with Facebook censorship? Let us know what you think of this topic in the comments section below.

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