Will Bitcoin Continue to Rise? Finixio Crypto Experts Make Their Predictions

Finixio Crypto Experts Make Their Predictions

Finixio Crypto Experts Make Their Predictions

Large Crypto Media Company Makes a Market Forecast.

London, UK, December 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On Monday, November 30th the financial world held their collective breath as Bitcoin reached its highest value yet, peaking at its all-time high December 2017. The skeptics have been proved wrong.

Finixio has been keeping a close eye on this story for years. The media company publishes a wide variety of content and has done for many years. As a result their expertise in the field is second to none, and they anticipate its future …

The History

In 2017, Bitcoin rocked the market by reaching an unexpected high of $ 19,783. This made professionals and amateurs alike stand out and start taking cryptocurrencies seriously.

The dream didn’t last long. Bitcoin was still a highly volatile asset and the currency fell sharply shortly thereafter. It lost 25% of its value in just one day and by the end of 2018 was priced under $ 4,000. There was no shortage of financial doubts about its future.

But Bitcoin had only been worth hundreds in 2016 and only cents in 2008. Despite its massive collapse, it had stabilized at a price that would still make unbelievable profits for early adopters.

The Present

Eighteen days before the third year anniversary of its previous high, Bitcoin reached a value of $ 19,857.03. The year started around $ 7100 and by October, it was already displaying an incredibly profitable year.

There was renewed interest, and financial experts had begun to make incredible predictions of late spring. By the summer it was becoming clear that crypto and digital currency would have a huge role to play in the new global economy.

BTC started in November at $ 14,000 and ended with a bang. Monday’s climax was followed by an expected depreciation. By Thursday trading had fallen slightly with exchange data showing only $ 990 million in trades versus $ 1.3 B on Wednesday and November average $ 1.5 B.

However, this time people are not expecting an accident. In fact, keen and cautious investors are predicting significant gains for Bitcoin in the next two years.

Mutual Asset

Estimates vary wildly as to where the price of Bitcoin will land. Some say it could reach $ 60,000 by next year, others believe it could even cut $ 100,000.

But Adam Grunwerg of Finixio himself warns that Bitcoin is still a very volatile asset that is likely to continue to experience ebbs and flows. In the next year we could see fluctuations of as much as 20-30% in the value of BTC. “As a partner who has traded the ups and downs of the currency over many years, he has the experience to back this up.

However, crypto trading expert Adam is largely optimistic about the future “These fluctuations will not be enough to slow it down. Bitcoin will probably break $ 50,000 in 2021. ”

The market trend is clear. Despite the variability of Bitcoin, new bull rings are seeing the peaks go higher and the lows are increasing too. This is to say that Bitcoin continues to break its previous records and stabilize at higher prices after its fall.

Where does the trust come from?

The reason for investors’ renewed faith in crypto has to do with who is investing. In 2017, the price of Bitcoin was raised by individual investors who believed in the future and value of the technology. However, at the time, Bitcoin was not a reputable investment. He was not supported by any assets or government and the lack of mainstream support added to his risk.

In 2020, institutional progress is driven by institutional investment. Large hedge funds and publicly traded companies drive this bull cycle and do not present the same reputational disadvantages as retail investors do.

Square and Paypal have recently added crypto currency to their offering. Mainstream financial media is paying attention and reporting on crypto on a daily basis. And this time it’s not dismissive. This time it’s serious business.

The involvement of such large players in the Crypto world gives it the legitimacy it needs. We are likely to see the entry of digital currency entry into the mainstream and in the following years, this market will harden to its very mold.

Why do institutional investors start paying so much attention to Bitcoin? The answer lies in our choked Covid-19 world. Countries have had to increase debt to support the financial burden of closed economies and reduced output.

“Covid has completely changed the game in terms of capital patterns invested. Nations and companies are hedging their assets like never before with crypto ”, says Adam Grunwerg.

This led to inflation that caused investors to seek to hedge against it as the dollar’s buying power and other fiat currencies began to decline rapidly.

The Supply Problem

Another important factor likely to continue to raise the price of Bitcoin is its supply problem.

There is only a small amount of Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin can be mined, very few actually do so and all other investors rely on supply. What’s more, Bitcoin miners will be incentivized to keep hold of their assets as prices rise.

Chris Thomas from Swissquote bank explained “the supply and demand imbalance is incredible”. Institutional buyers charge large quantities fairly quickly and demand does not look like it is going to dry up.

Glassnode reports that miners’ wallets like Lubian.com, F2Pool, Binance Pool and Poolin together hold more than 33,000 BTC. Thomas added “Miners need to cover their operating costs [..] it is clear that we will continue to go higher in a fairly convincing way for some time yet. ”

As this trend continues, BTC prices will continue to rise but the supply problem will have another notable result that Finnixio advises inventors to address.

Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in town and its supply problems are likely to drive other competing currencies up as well.

Over the past few days the ETH / BTC has also been on a bull ring. Ethereum has seen a 350% increase in its value since the beginning of the year, and investors appear to be ready to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin.

Last week ether briefly passed the $ 600 mark, Mr. Grunwerg tells us. Its creators have also announced exciting updates that are said to fix ether scalability issues, making the currency even more competitive.

Besides Ethereum, Cardano and Orchid benefited from the Bitcoin rise last week.

The future

As predicted, we seem to be entering the age of cryptocurrency and digital coins. Finixio is here to take you for the ride and tell you everything you need to know about trends and their impact. It’s a transformative time for the fintech industry and this time, it’s not going to slow down.

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