Zethyr Exchange, Through Consumer DEX by Satoshi Knotabolo

Satoshi Knotabolo
Zethyr Exchange Review Through 2020

Zethyr Exchange is a project, I think, that started on ETH. Many tickets have raised money on ETH and then migrated to other chains. That fact and the name lead me to that speculation.

TRX is a good defi chain like DEX, it’s cheap and TX is even cheaper. The same properties that make it good for dapps and gammed tickets. Zethyr has been going for at least 9 months and I have been impressed by their service.

I join the exchanges for a main reason, that’s always the native sign. Zethyr’s exchange has one of the most interesting coins around it. ZTR can only be reached by trading on Zethyr. Holding it can pay you a portion of Zethyrs fees. Holders in a trading power, in TRX, are paid 100% of the exchange trading fees.

The trading pairs list is slowly increasing, I recently introduced FRAG Token. They are looking for something with a larger audience. TWLT is a TRC10 ticket that I can’t find anywhere. Does a market for the Token Tron Wallet even exist? I think they changed the ticker or something.

Zethyr has a friendship for Tron Topia tickets like DVS, TOPIA, and TSHARE. They also carry some gamblers like 888 and WIN. The best part is, they allow borrowing and borrowing with TRX. Their defi is a newer addition to the exchange but growing.

UI is clean, the swaps are fast, and in my experience, reliable. They do not hold funds and let you connect to a Trojan contact wallet. If you trade on Tron, you should try Zethyr.

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